Bunts Sangha's SM Shetty Educational Institutions at Powai are celebrating another annual day and I deeply appreciate the efforts of teachers, students and parents,who have provided inputs to bring out this beautiful annual magazine.

Our sustained and focused efforts on critical issues of today's student's academic knowledge, hands on experience of education programme that is relevant to the realities of today, made our school and students stand out in a crowd. In order to stay relevant we need foresight to be followed by appropriate action. I quote Jim Collins: whatever you prevaile or fail, endure or die, depends more on what you do yourself than on what world does to.

We must now work on, all the requirements for achieving global standards, and all the participants must be encouraged to work in this direction at all levels. The ideas, perspectives and tools we need to achieve this will have to be powerful and having good impact on all the participants.

Bearing above objectives, management has already committed for this cause and we shall do all that is required in this direction without much delay. We have started analyzing each of the participants and the faculties at the complex, trying to have direct discussions with them, will critically analyse even minutest of the things that are part of our total education system, and would try to get the participation and contribution from each of them, which, will be again discussed and analyzed and will be finalized, implemented with proper care and diligence. My request to all the participants to take part in this process of upgradation with open mind and positive contribution, which would be considered at the appropriate levels.

Finally, I am very proud of the institutions, its faculty, parents and students for their achievements and contributions over the years due to which, we could reach this stage and also Iwould be failing inmy duty, If I don't appreciate the great contributions made by our earlier chairmen, office bearers, committee members of Powai committee, because of the combined efforts and contributions of all the above participants, we are rated as a very good institution today but our responsibility is to raise our standards to global level in the next two to three years, so that all of them should be proud of our institutions, and hence I request all to rededicate themselves to this cause, andwork relentlessly.

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