World Class Teaching Facilities


These Classrooms enhance the teaching and learning environment by allowing Faculty, Staff, and Students to incorporate various types of media into the classroom.


Leap Start, India's premiere Sports & PE Company, offers a complete sport and fitness program for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The Leap Start programme is a holistic and age appropriate program for school students of various age groups designed to condition a healthy mind and to keep them active and fit. This conditioning prepares them for excellence in academics as well as facing life challenges.


well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs with all modern equipments that promotes scientific enquiry, problem solving and encourages higher level thinking. These labs also develop holistic approach and scientific attitude.


 A lush green play ground with a cricket pitch and facilities for football, hockey, kabaddi and other games is an added attraction in the school.


Our Library is well-stocked with a huge collection of reference books, encyclopedias, magazines and journals. Multiple sets of text books recommended by Cambridge Board are available.


The school is equipped with a well designed canteen that serves nutritious food to students. While students are encouraged to bring lunch from home, they are allowed to use the canteen whenever required.