The school is backed by a dynamic and progressive management. The immense support received from the management has resulted in the growth of the school by leaps and bounds. What started as an international school is now with added sections of junior college with A levels and International Baccalaureate Diploma . It is only because of the vision and staunch support of the management that the school has achieved great repute in the International school family.


Shri Prabhakar L Shetty

Bunts Sangha

Shri Jayaram N Shetty

Powai Education Committee

Shri. Ratnakar Shetty Mundkur

Vice Chairman
Powai Education Committee

Shri. Nityanand Hegde

Hon Secretary
Powai Education Committee

Shri. Praveen B Shetty

Hon Treasurer
Powai Education Committee


Shri. Anand Muddu Shetty

Shri. B. Vivek Shetty

Shri. CA Harish Shetty

Shri. CA I R Shetty

Shri. CA Sadashiv B Shetty

Shri. CA Shankar Shetty

Shri. Dinkar N. Shetty

Smt. Dr. Vijitha S. Shetty

Shri. Dr. Harish Shetty

Shri Dr. Prabhakar Shetty B.

Shri. H. Shantaram Shetty

Shri. Harish Shetty

Shri. Mahesh S. Shetty

Shri. Padmanabh Payyade

Shri. Prof. Ranjit Shetty

Shri. Rajendra S. Shetty

Shri. Ravindranath Bhandary

Smt. Shanta G. Shetty

Shri. Ulthur Mohandas Shetty

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